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Product Tests

Test new and existing products and help improve them.

  • What's a product test?


    Most of all newly-launched products fail in the first few months they're on the market. Companies can reduce the failure-rate of new products or improve existing products by asking the opinions of OPINION HEROES like you.

    In product tests, relevant aspects to do with perception, use and acceptance of a product are tested.

    To do this, the product is introduced to representatives of desired target groups for use or consumption.

    Product tests can be used in various areas:

    • fitness for purpose of technical products
    • tasting foods
    • using consumer goods
    • design-tests of products and their packaging
    • and many others

  • How do product-tests work?


    Products to be tested are usually presented to a test-group that is as similar to the target group as possible. This is why you will initially receive a brief questionnaire to find out whether you belong to the group of people in question. Usually, tests are carried out in focus groups to see what this target group might look like. If you fit a target group and have been selected for the product-test, the remaining procedure will depend considerably on how the test is designed.

    Product-test as an online survey

    In many cases, a test can even take place online. The product may not be physically available but functions may be demonstrated - for example in videos - which are then evaluated. Another example of use might be a website test.

    Product test in a focus group

    Six to ten OPINION HEROES representing the desired target group and guided by a professional moderator discuss the product or various products (e.g. competing products). Focus groups can be held either in person at a given location or they are carried out entirely online, e.g. in a special forum.

    In-depth product interviews

    In an in-depth interview you will give detailed views of your ideas or experiences with the product in question. The researchers want to gain understanding of your motives or use-habits. An in-depth interview is a particularly exclusive opportunity for your personal opinion to be heard! Again there are various methods by which this is carried out – either in person or via telephone.

    In-home product-testing

    For this kind of test, the product is either sent to your home or - your permission provided - you will be visited by researchers so you are able to test the product where you would actually use it. The products might range from cat-food to electrical equipment or anything else. Please note that, while you will earn a reward for your opinion but frequently will not be able to keep the product.

  • What sorts of product-tests are there?


    Product-tests may be carried out not only in variously different ways but may also cover various different products. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a few examples:

    • You are sent samples of various different perfumes without knowing which brand or fragrance they are. You use one sample every day. You then write down what you thought of each fragrance and how you felt on that day.
    • Researchers visit your home with a smart TV. They want to find out how you learn how to operate it and which functions you would and would not use.
    • Researchers working on a new type of car join you on a test-drive in order to understand in which situations you would use various kinds of equipment or your mobile telephone.
    • And much more besides.

As an OPINION HERO, you can directly influence the development of products, learn something and even earn a reward for doing so!

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