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Opinion Polls

Take part in polls on various issues. Share your views. Change the world and be rewarded.

  • What is an opinion poll?


    We care about your opinion!

    As an OPINION HERO you can take part in paid online surveys and tell us what you think about various issues ranging from products and services through politics, business and society to love, and partnership. Sometimes we might want to ask you about issues regarding your work.

    Researchers often interview large groups of people so that the responses don't depend too much on individual views and in order to increase the reliability of the findings. The good thing about it is that more OPINION HEROES are able to tell us what they think more often. Let's be honest: it would be a bit unfair if you were to tell us what you think in individual interviews all the time, wouldn't it?

    Online opinion polls allow our clients to get many views quickly and at low cost. The questionnaire can be opened and fille out on your PC or mobile telephone immediately after the invitation.

  • How do opinion-polls work?


    The procedure of our opinion polls is quite simple. You are invited to a poll via email and you can access it immediately. If you've downloaded the OPINION HERO app, we'll let you know about opinion polls via Push as well. The first few questions are for checking whether you match the opinion poll target group. You cannot complete the poll if you don't, but don't worry. We try our best to send you suitable invitations but it may happen occasionally that you are not able to take part or the survey is already closed. We will try and provide you with another survey, in such cases. The amount of your reward may differ from that stated in the invitation, as a result.

    If you have answered all the questions in an opinion poll, your reward will be credited to your participant's account. See ("Help and Support") for further information.

  • What types of opinion polls are there?


    Opinion polls can be about a wide range of subjects from all areas of market research. The following examples show only a small number of possible surveys:

    • Whether they're about refugees, tax-increases or minimum wage – as an OPINION HERO, you get to tell us what you think.
    • Is the latest mobile telephone a total flop or a real hit? Tell us, evaluate products and help manufacturers to improve.
    • Are you responsible for purchasing printers or office furniture at work? We may want to ask you about a certain aspect of your job.
    • And many other issues.

Tell politicians, private sector companies, organisations and scholars what you think! Whether it be praise or criticism, as an OPINION HERO you can contribute to answering important questions, whether these are about politics, business or society. Every survey is voluntary and your opinion may make all the difference.

Are you ready to become an OPINION HERO?
Then get started.